Why should I preserve my family history on a metal plaque?

Information that is printed on paper will deteriorate and disappear after a period of time. Even acid-free paper is vulnerable to moisture, mold, tearing and fire.
Your family tree, preserved forever on a metal plate, will be available centuries from now to tell the story of your family.

How do I get my family tree information to you?

If you use a genealogy program, you can upload a copy of your file, or a GEDCOM file. Otherwise, just go to our data entry page to manually enter your family tree.

What are the plaques made of?

We engrave your family history on plates of brass or anodized aluminum, 0.016" thick (16 mil, or 0.4 mm). The aluminum comes in a variety of colors, which are available to you depending on your preference.

How can I display my engraved family tree?

The engraved plates can be framed and displayed in your home or office. They come with an adhesive backing to mount on a wood block.

How can I clean my engraved family tree?

Use a soft cloth and a gentle solution of soap and water.

Will the metal plaque tarnish or rust?

The brass plaques are covered with a thin layer of lacquer that prevents tarnishing. The plates will not rust.

Can I display the engraved plaque outdoors?

The metal is designed for indoor display and should not be left exposed to the elements. We can also engrave using a rotary diamond process that will withstand outdoor use (available on request).

What other shapes can you do?

We can engrave quarter-circle fan charts as well. Two quarter-circle charts, side-by-side, can provide a larger family tree. We can also do Descendant Charts.

How many people will fit on a chart?

Width 6" 6" 8" 8" 12" 12" 18"
Height 3" 6" 4" 8" 6" 12" 9"
Generations 4 5 5 6 6 7 7
Names 15 31 31 63 63 127 127

Note: You can order larger sizes than above. Ex: 8" x 4" for 4 generations.

What if I have more than five generations?

If you want to enter your data manually and you have more than five generations, just break up your data into two or more charts, one for each of your parents or grandparents.

For example, if you have six generations, enter three charts: one chart with five generations of  your father's ancestors, a second chart for your mother, and a third chart with just you and your parents. We will merge them together.

If you have seven generations, do five charts: one chart for each of your grandparents' five generations, then a chart with you, your parents and grandparents.

For eight generations, do nine charts: one for each of your eight great-granparents, and a ninth for you, your parents, grand-parents and great-granparents.

If you use a computer program to record your genealogy, just upload a GEDCOM, or a copy of your database file.